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jeremy leopold , usa
I had been a career criminal for about 2/3 of my 29 years. A drug addict, thief, and drug dealer for almost 18...

Heaven in my fathers heart

Kathyn Hall Traverse City, MI USA
Several years ago my father became very ill. He had several strokes and then his heart began to fail. As a chi...

My Father

Sandy Ellison Greenville, SC
Since I was a little girl my Daddy always placed a high respect for Billy Graham. He took me to one of his rev...

Grandson named after Billy

Carol Magnuson Fort Mill, South Carolina
Our daughter and husband, Kim and Brian Hajas were newly married and participated as counselors in Billy Graha...

Always There

Ronald Morrell Morrell Elkhorn, WI USA
I came to know about Billy Graham through my Mother and Father, who were faithful Baptist parents whose family...


Rich Wadsworth , USA
I actually  not converted by Billy Graham's preaching. In fact, other than snippets of promotional pieces, I ...

Life's Added Blessings

Alice Driskell Otsego, MN USA
It was my honor to work with the BGEA located in Minneapolis MN -- from 1986 to 1991 ... most of the time ther...

An Example

Glenda Jensen Des Moines, Iowa USA
He taught us how to live a constant, consistant life. To stand for the Word of God no matter what. His message...
Evie Weston Danbury, NC USA
My mother died when I was 13 years old and I am now 65 years old. I have few memories of my mother but one of ...

Crump Stadium

JoAnn Austill Nesbit, MS USA
Billy, I was only 16 yrs old and my friend and her mother & I were attending your crusade, the same sta...

The baby has grown!

Dori Willson Streatham, London UK
How did I become a Christian? Well I often say, "I am a Billy Graham baby!" I had just started my nursing care...

Praise God!

Douglas w Soderdahl Honolulu, HI USA
On 19 Jan 1948, at the Roseland Temple Baptist church in Roseland (in south Chicago), you, Billy were guest sp...

Thank you, Reverend Graham

Wendy Woodworth Marinette, WI
As a teenager growing up the 1960's, I first "met" Billy Graham in my grandparents' home. Grandpa and Grandma ...

A Little Girl at Grandma's House

Georgette Papandrea Rahway, NJ USA
My grandparents would often watch Billy Graham on t.v. in the 1950'. I would sleep over often because my 2 cou...

Thank You

Carol Lancaster Marrero, LA
Happy Birthday to such a wonderful man! If not for you, so many of us would not have found God and learned of ...

Marry Ann Fields , USA
In 1971 in a small town in Louisiana I watched a Billy Graham crusade on my parent's television. I went forwar...


Diana Richardson Clarksville, TN USA
Mr. Graham, how can one just say thank-you to you? Your acceptance of your calling, your gift from our Lord of...

Bill Hildebrand Calgary, Canada Canada
I remember meeting Billy at Euro fest 75 backstage, and then 2 hours later I was coming up the steps in the Br...

Coming Home..

Melinda Looney Abingdon, VA USA
Growing up in an Air Force family, I was always moving and therefore had no church home. The air base held a S...

Thank You, Billy

Anonymous Centennial, Colorado
When I was growing up in North Dakota in the early 50's, I remember listening to Billy Graham on the radio and...

about billy graham

For as long as we can remember, people from all walks of life have approached us and told us about how they came to know Jesus Christ through the work and ministry of Billy Graham. Beyond the magazine covers, best-selling books, White House visits, and Gallup polls are the masses of everyday people who have been forever changed by God through a man we’ve known simply as “Daddy Bill.”

9-month-old Antony being held by "Daddy Bill"

We believe it is now time to share the stories from those who have filled the stadiums, watched televised programs, and read our grandfather’s books over the years. With every changed life comes a story that is worth telling. Daddy Bill’s own story is best told through the accounts of the lives God touched during his many years of ministry; stories of hope, forgiveness, joy, redemption, and salvation.

Daddy Bill’s story began long before we were born. The year was 1934, and a young Billy Graham, who had once referred to religion as “hogwash,” surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. Three years later,


our grandfather was unexpectedly asked to preach his first sermon at Peniel Baptist Church in Palatka, Florida. His sermon only lasted eight minutes.

Daddy Bill began to think up excuse after excuse for why he could never become a preacher. But as time passed, the excuses diminished. He knew he couldn’t escape the powerful calling of his heavenly Father to preach the Word to all people. During these struggles, he was often reminded of God’s encouragement to Moses: “Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say” (Exodus 4:12).

The inner battle finally came to an end on a moonlit Florida evening in March 1938. As Daddy Bill walked the eighteenth green of the Temple Terrace Golf Course, he dropped to his knees and cried, “Oh God, if You want me to preach, I will serve You.”

Brothers Antony, Basyle and Aram Tchividjian

More than seventy years have passed since that blessed Florida evening, and our grandfather,


Billy Graham, has been faithful to that calling. We want you to know that the most important thing - both to us and to Daddy Bill - is the lives God has touched through one simple but eternally powerful message: The message of Jesus Christ.

Billy taking time out with children

As grandchildren, we have been blessed to know Daddy Bill in a more intimate and personal way than most people have - after the cameras have been turned off and the crowds have gone home. We know him as a man who simply loves people, and is as comfortable conversing with a cab driver or busboy as he is a president, CEO, or movie star.  And it doesn’t matter where he is or what he is doing, Daddy Bill always had time for us, and for that we have been so blessed. 

It is our prayer that through this website you will experience the amazing love and awesome power of the God who has made it all possible. We are so grateful to God for Daddy Bill and are humbled and blessed to call him our grandfather. 

- Aram, Basyle and Jerushah

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